About Me

I believe in specializing in something you really enjoy. That's what led me here.

I've been doing this whole programming thing since I was a kid. Picture for proof. I'm pretty sure I'm "drawing" something in MacPaint (the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Paint back then) in that photo, but my first intro in programming was HyperCard. Apparently I'm not the only one who was inspired in the same way.

These days my tools are quite different, but the adventure is still the same.

Why should I you hire me?

I've often been described as a tech nerd with a great ability to understand the "whole picture." Not just the technology...but the industry itself, the business, and the people. I'm just as comfortable coding away in my office as I am speaking in front of owners or C-level staff about business strategy and how I can help them or their idea succeed.

I take on a very limited number of clients each year to be absolutely certain that I can give each project the attention it needs and so I can make myself available directly for questions, concerns, and consult throughout the process.

You should hire me not just because I'm an experienced programmer, but because I'm a partner who understands the quirks and intricacies of your business, and I will always keep your best interests in mind.

Where is my office located?

My family loves to travel, but when I'm not on an adventure with them - I live and do business in Wilmington, NC.

I work out of a nicely equipped home office, when I'm on the road I take everything with me! Being able to take my work anywhere (well...anywhere with an internet connection) is one of the greatest perks of being a programmer as far as I'm concerned.