One of the hardest parts about solving a problem is getting started!

I've tried to think of some common questions to help save you time and take action on your project. If you have a question about something you don't see answered here please feel free to start a conversation.

What sort of websites and projects do you do?

I've built all sorts of cool stuff in my lifetime but these days I focus on projects within the Vacation Rental industry. This means owners, managers, travel agents, wholesale travel sales, etc.

As far as what sort of projects I do, that's really a big question. I'm always up for a new challenge but here are just a few examples :

  • New websites (for management companies, individual owners, channel partners, etc.)
  • Website redesign
  • Existing website maintenance and customization
  • Converting an existing website to use a new Property Management Software provider
  • Custom Guest App for pre/during/post stay information and making payments
  • Reporting dashboard for reservations and high level staff
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping tracking
  • Custom 3rd party tool and API integration

How does this all work?

The process is really simple. It all starts with contacting me here.

Once you have contacted me, we'll set up a time to talk and go over the scope of your project. I will probably have some questions for you, and you'll definitely have some for me! Once it's determined that we get along and we're both interested in working together I'll send you a quote and contract for your project.

After the signed contract is returned with a deposit I start work!

How much will my project cost?

I charged based on actual working hours it takes to complete your project. I find this works better because of the evolving nature of most projects I work on. Typically once a client fully understands the sort of cool things that are possible with a custom solution - and with a programmer who is business-savvy and on their side - project scope can change dramatically.

I'm not gonna be "that guy" and make you submit a contact form to get a general idea of my pricing, so here is a very general idea of my rates.

  • Hourly programming : 110 USD
  • Hourly consulting : 200 USD
  • Basic single property website : 2,000-4,000 USD
  • Vacation Rental website redesign (including Property Management Software integration and custom made Content Management System): 10,000+ USD
  • Online Travel Agent website with multiple 3rd party API integrations : 30,000+ USD

I also make myself available for ongoing maintenance, updates, and improvements for the projects I work on at my standard hourly rate or with a monthly contract that guarantees dedicated time for you each month.

How long will my project take to complete?

Project tunraround times can vary anywhere from a couple weeks to several months. This all depends on the complexity of your project.

Here is a general idea of common completion times from the date work begins until launch.

  • Basic website without API integration : 60-90 days
  • Full featured website with API integration : 2-6 months
  • Totally custom fairly complex project : 6-9 months
  • Totally custom super complex project : 8-12 months

Why should I hire you?

I've worked as a developer for a highly reputable web marketing and design firm in the Vacation Rental industry. I've also worked as head of web development for a high end luxury Vacation Rental company. Now I work for myself. I'm putting my years of experience and knowledge of the Vacation Rental industry to work for my clients.

I've often been described as a tech nerd with a great ability to understand the "whole picture." Not just the technology...but the industry itself, the business, and the people. I'm just as comfortable coding away in my office as I am speaking in front of owners or C-level staff about business strategy and how I can help them or their idea succeed.

I take on a very limited number of clients each year to be absolutely certain that I can give each project the attention it needs and so I can make myself available directly for questions, concerns, and consult throughout the process.

You should hire me not just because I'm an experienced programmer, but because I'm a partner who understands the quirks and intricacies of your business, and I will always keep your best interests in mind.